5 Mistakes to Avoid When Packing and Moving Fragile Items!

If you want a fast and safe relocation, hire Los Angeles moving services. We present you 5 mistakes to avoid when packing and moving fragile items:

  • Not knowing which items are fragile. You may consider that a plate or a glass look solid enough and does not require more protection. Well, things are not always what they seem and you should provide protection for all items considered fragile. On this list include: plates, glasses, vases, musical instruments, electronics and paintings. For some of them you will have to buy special cases and containers, while others need extra layers of cushioning material. moving fragile objects
  • Not using adequate moving supplies. Fragile items require special packing materials and special boxes. Do not treat them like regular items. You will have to buy double-walled boxes, Styrofoam, shrinking wrap, bubble wrap, plastic covers and so on.  Make a list with these moving supplies with at least one week before the move.
  • Not labeling the boxes. This is one of the biggest mistakes you can do during the move. All boxes must be labeled, especially those containing fragile items. You can simply use a marker and write “fragile” on each box. Or you can buy from libraries or offices supplies stores premade labels. No matter what method you use, it is imperative to label boxes with fragile items.
  • Misplacing boxes in the cargo hold. Properly placing fragile items is the main reason why you should label the boxes. These labels will help you place boxes containing fragile items above boxes that contain sturdier items. Or you can keep a sector of the cargo hold entirely dedicated to fragile items.
  • Being hurried. You must pack fragile items first and with some time ahead. Do not pack fragile items when you are stressed and hurried. You can easily lose your focus and break something.

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